Spotlight Post: CoPassion

If you missed Sanctuary last month, read on to learn about the ministry of CoPassion, founded by Ray and Melissa Strickland. We encourage you to support their ministry by keeping them in your prayers and by keeping up to date with them on Facebook and their website.

What was Jesus’ brand?

The answer may seem obvious, but the question is so important. Jesus said that he gave his followers a new commandment, “to love one other,” and there are many ways that he asks us to do that. So why do I and the rest of American Christendom spend so much time concerned over one part of his calling—vocation? What Ray and Melissa seek to do through CoPassion is open up the many aspects of God’s callings on our lives to be as accessible as possible for college students, graduates, and businessmen and women.

Christians spend a lot of time confused about their calling because they simplify calling too much, says Ray. There are really three aspects to the calling of God on our lives, but I know that I tend to only focus on one of them. First, Jesus is calling us to himself. This one is huge, but we can often gloss over it and never return to it after our first encounter with the Lord. But he wants our heart, and not just a part of it, but everything. Out of that relationship with him comes the second calling, to go and make disciples. It is our privilege to tell others about a God who loves us and cares for us.

These two priorities so often are overshadowed by our pursuit of a vocation or career. This if often based off gifts and talents the Lord has given, but can change several times throughout our lives. Yet we devote much of our time, worries, and discernment to this one aspect of our calling.

CoPassion provides a way to pursue not only your vocational calling, but more equally balance the first two callings. They facilitate partnerships with Christian-run businesses and campus ministries for college students and graduates. On the Journey track, college students are able to work part-time in their field of study, while also working part-time with the campus ministry of their choice. This provides ample opportunity for exploration of career choices but also the training and experience of a Christian ministry. CoPassion’s heart is to make opportunities for more laborers in the harvest field. They aim to balance effective practice with ambitious passions, all in the name of Jesus.

I know that I was personally encouraged by the initiative Ray and Melissa have taken in bringing the Kingdom of God to earth. I’m so often caught up in the college rush to graduate with my life (i.e. my career) all planned out. But what CoPassion points out and facilitates is an even-handed approach to my purpose in Christ. We started that process not by taking an aptitude test or figuring out our spiritual gifts, but instead coming to the Lord in worship and prayer together. Because as Ray pointed out, that’s where we find our true purpose, in Christ’s presence alone, sitting at his feet in rapt adoration.

Jordan PooleComment